How do I ask for donations instead of regular gifts?

How do I politely inform my guests that I would prefer donations instead of gifts?

Many couples have their fill of silverware and china, and would rather give to charity than open a traditional gift registry. As with anything non-traditional, though, asking for donations instead of gifts may be confusing for some guests. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add a charity registry to your wedding website, in addition to or instead of a traditional registry. Make sure to include the reasons you’re choosing charity.
  2. Explain it to your parents. Once they understand it, they can spread the word to older or less tech-savvy relatives and family friends.
  3. If someone asks you directly, answer with something like, “I’m sure whatever you choose would be wonderful, and we really appreciate your generosity. We are asking guests donate to charity in lieu of traditional gifts.”

Remember that some guests will prefer to give traditional gifts—accept them graciously, and don’t forget to write a thank you note!

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