Free downloads for your socially-conscious and eco-friendly wedding

image source: flickr

image source: flickr

At I Do Foundation, we love helping couples plan their socially-conscious and eco-friendly weddings. We know you have a lot on your plate when planning your celebration. We want to make it easier to plan your wedding and remaining aware of the social and environmental effects of each choice. To help you, we’ve compiled two free guides for making conscious wedding decisions.

Conscious Planning Checklist

Our Conscious Planning Checklist is an indispensable resource for planning your entire wedding, start to finish. We take you through the process step-by-step, helping you to make the most out of every opportunity to help the world with your wedding.

Download our Conscious Wedding Planning checklist >>

Questions for Your Wedding Vendors

Our Vendor Questions guide will help you use your buying power to support local or sustainable vendors. Use this guide to ask the right questions of your vendors, ensuring you make an educated and conscious decision with everyone you hire.

Download our Vendor Questions guide >>

We hope you find these guides helpful while planning your special day. And don’t forget to visit I Do Foundation to set up a charity registry – it’s the best way to give back and share your love with the world!

Wedding Day Florals: the Work of Flora Grubb

When we came across the beautiful work of Flora Grubb, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. We especially love that these centerpieces can be given away as gifts or to your guests at the end of your wedding night, and they will live well beyond your wedding day.

Check out these beautiful succulent centerpieces that won’t be dead in a day:

For more of Flora Grubb’ work, check out her website, follow her on Twitter or like her on Facebook.

Celebrate Green: Ten eco-chic ideas for a stylish and sustainable wedding

Ten eco-chic ideas for a stylish and sustainable wedding from I Do Foundation

Ten eco-chic ideas for a stylish and sustainable wedding

  1.  Let it Shine – Make informed jewelry decisions by considering their source. Choose a jeweler that uses recycled materials and ask questions that help you feel good about your purchase.
  2.  Be Fashionably Green – Get a unique look with a tailored, vintage wedding dress; use organic fabrics; and choose a bridesmaids dress that they can (actually) wear again.
  3. Location, Location, Location – Select a venue rich in décor. Botanical gardens are lush with foliage and museums have objects d’art. You’ll support a non-profit and save on decorations.
  4. Gifts that Give Back – Raise money for causes you care about by requesting donations to charity as your wedding gifts. Start a charity registry with I Do so guests can conveniently give.
  5.  Eat, Drink, and Be Savvy – When selecting your meal, narrow down the options and insist on an organic caterer, local food choices, and organic wines.
  6. Flower Power – Think organic, seasonal, and potted. Use a local florist and ask your wedding party to help make DIY centerpieces and bouquets that are environmentally friendly.
  7. Do the World a Favor – Thank your guests and share your values with wedding favors that support a meaningful cause, making a difference through charity.
  8. Green your Footprint – Use one of many easy-to-use online tools to calculate your wedding’s carbon footprint, and then offset your emissions.
  9. Eco-Invite – Create your own Wedding Page. Save on printing costs by putting your save the date and RSVPs online, and include maps, lodging suggestions, and even your proposal story! If you do send invites, choose recycled or tree-free paper.
  10. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse – If it can’t be recycled, reduced, or reused . . . Rent! Ask if your vendors have a recycling policy. Plan ahead and find a shelter or retirement home for leftover food or flowers. Creatively use recycled materials throughout your ceremony and reception.