I would like to donate the leftover food from my wedding reception. How do I do that?

how to donate leftover wedding food to the homeless

It depends on your state’s policies, actually; many states prohibit the donation of leftover food because its safety can’t be regulated (donations of labeled or packaged food is always okay, though). The best way to find out if you are able to donate your leftover wedding fare is to find your local food bank and ask.

If your state won’t allow donation, consider the possibility of providing chic “to go” bags for your guests to take home leftovers. Your caterer may even be willing to fill them for you!

I am doing DIY for most of my wedding. Should I get a Day of Coordinator (DOC)?

should i hire a day of coordinator?

Unfortunately, your carefully laid plans mean nothing if they aren’t well-executed. And if you’re getting married and—we’d hope—enjoying yourself, you don’t want to be running around like a madwoman (or man) trying to make sure that your ceremony decorations make it to the reception, or that the attendants are all where they need to be.

A Day of Coordinator (or DOC) will make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly. You do all the planning, then hand your plans over to your DOC. Usually, a DOC will help you before the wedding, too—checking your timeline, helping you with the order of your ceremony, and making sure that all your loose ends are tied up. At the end of the reception, he or she will also likely help organize the people who have promised to take things home for you—such as leftover food, flowers, gifts and the like.

You could ask a friend to perform a DOC’s duties, but it’s much nicer if all of your guests can enjoy the wedding day. Plus, there’s no substitution for experience. A DOC will have an “emergency kit” on hand to take care of anything from a torn bustle to a red wine stain. In short, a DOC is highly recommended!