Five tips for your socially-conscious and eco-friendly honeymoon

Five tips for your socially-conscious and eco-friendly honeymoon

Travel, especially international travel, can have big social and environmental effects – both positive and negative. When planning your honeymoon, consider the impact of your plans, and make an effort to bolster the local economies and respect the environment of the places you visit.

Check out these five tips for an eco-friendly and socially responsible honeymoon:

Stay close to home

Reduce your carbon emissions by being a tourist close to home –an idea that’s easy on your pocketbook, too. Visit a local National Forest, or support a small business by staying in a local bed-and-breakfast.

Choose an eco-friendly resort or hotel

Gaiam has a great list of eco-friendly resorts. If you’re looking for chi-chi international travel, one of these might be right up your alley. Traveling in the US? Kimpton makes a great effort to be eco-friendly (and you can bring your pet!).

Avoid cruises

Cruises are devastating to the marine environment – instead, choose a tropical location and stay there. Consider Florida or Hawaii – both popular destinations have made efforts to “green” their resorts and hotels.

Take an eco-friendly road trip

Rent a hybrid vehicle and get to know the United States, up close and personal: take a road trip. Support small businesses around the country, and gain a new appreciation for your home country.

Take a volunteer honeymoon

A volunteer honeymoon is a great way to bond after your wedding by giving back, together. Make a lasting difference in the world by volunteering, either inside the United States or internationally.

We hope that you find these tips helpful. Congratulations, and enjoy your trip!

—Sara Olsher, Marketing Manager